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Success Story: Smart Fleet Management Solution Increases Efficiency at Perera & Sons

Dialog Enterprise stays ahead of the curve in Supply Chain Management with Smart Fleet, a comprehensive and cost-effective IoT solution, providing end-to-end visibility of the entire transportation process. Dialog Smart Fleet Solution was recently adopted by Perera and Sons (P&S), a leading bakery and food services chain to make their operations more efficient and analytics-driven.

We maintain a relentless focus on keeping our supply chain as efficient as possible. The pandemic brought about a paradigm shift which we are also adapting to. Our vision has always been to adapt to changing times and so we hope that we will make the best of this strategic partnership with Dialog Enterprise in successfully managing our fleet and protecting our goods and thereby providing our customers with the best of service. We foresee this Smart Fleet solution contributing significantly in helping us move forward efficiently with our vision.
Gihan Perera
P&S’s Managing Director, a fourth-generation member of the family-owned enterprise.

Dialog’s Smart Fleet Solution enables the monitoring of key environmental conditions and also vehicle telematics ensure the safety of goods, the fleet and the staff. Smart Fleet customers are able to manage, monitor and improve the efficiency of their commercial fleets, while collecting and analysing data to optimise resources for maximum productivity. Find out more about Smart Fleet.

MiHCM Lite from Dialog to Support HR Processes for SME

Dialog Enterprise recently Partnered MiHCM (Pvt) Ltd to launch MiHCM Lite, a comprehensive and agile solution to manage HR processes conveniently and cost effectively on the cloud. This advanced digital HR solution has been designed especially for the requirements of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

MiHCM Lite, available via Dialog, will help these businesses to overcome workforce management challenges created due to the COVID-19 pandemic by transitioning to modern digital HCM solutions delivering superior experiences and data insights.

SMEs will be able to run their HR processes efficiently on MiHCM’s cloud HR platform, enabling them to manage employee profiles, oversee time attendance requirements, process payrolls and more. HR tools for those working from home are also provided on MiHCM as the platform is fully hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and requires no added CAPEX investment. Combined with superior scalability, availability and 24/7 technical support, MiHCM Lite aims to create positive employee experiences and future-ready workplaces. Find out more about MiHCM Lite.

Dialog Partners with Google Workspace to Promote Collaborative Work

As more Sri Lankan businesses choose to convert to remote or hybrid working models, the need for digital workspaces and collaborative tools has increased dramatically over the last two years. Dialog Enterprise has partnered with Google Cloud to bring Google Workspace, a suite of tools that could help individuals and enterprises boost productivity and make collaboration more agile as well as enjoyable.

Google Workspace connects users across popular apps from Google, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet, allowing a higher level of collaboration while ensuring that work experiences are seamless regardless of the location.

The digital collaborative tools presented by Google Workspace via Dialog are expected to be especially beneficial for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses who are in the initial stages of their cloud journey and are exploring entry level solutions before scaling up to more advanced options. Organizations of any size will be able to create integrated workspaces tailored to their unique requirements. Find out more about Google Workspace.

Dialog Launches Uptime Tier III Certified Data Centre

Making significant strides in Sri Lanka’s digitisation agenda, Dialog Axiata recently launched the first Uptime Tier III Certified Data Centre in the country. With the introduction of this facility, Sri Lankan businesses are now able to leverage highly secure Data Centre solutions as they operate on a competitive global platform.

Built to meet the latest ISO and global Data Centre standards with the highest level of reliability, this state-of-the-art Data Centre facilitates advanced technologies, including 5G, and will extend the very latest in hosting and co-location services alongside a suite of cloud services to Sri Lanka’s Enterprise and Government sectors. Through this facility, customers will be able to receive high-density configuration, flawless connectivity, and envisioned bandwidth and disaster recovery along with customised services from Dialog.

Dialog Axiata is proud to be the first Telco in the country to support the Sri Lankan Government in its efforts to fulfill the demands of enterprises and accelerate digital transformation in the country. Find out more about Dialog’s Data Centres.

Is Your Data Secure Enough? The Importance of Two-factor Authentication

Remote or hybrid working environments have accelerated the urgency to strengthen cybersecurity as more people continue to work from home and access devices, networks, systems and applications from multiple locations. Businesses now need to consider more than just the corporate perimeter and take into account the extended risk of this widening network of access. Passwords alone provide insufficient protection due to phishing scams and in this context, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of protection, creating the best line of defense against cyber threats.

2FA technology blends at least two separate factors. One is typically your username and password, which is something you know. The other could be:

  • Something you have: A mobile phone, keycard, or USB could all verify your identity.
  • Something you are: Fingerprints, iris scans, or some other biometric data to prove your identity.

Strong authentication, through tools such as hardware security keys, could bolster security without inconveniencing the user by facilitating quick OTPs and other verification methods. If your business has not implemented 2FA yet, it’s time to consider mitigating your risks to limit exposure. Dialog Enterprise’s Managed Security Operations Centre (MSOC) can help you monitor and analyze your security posture on an ongoing basis to mitigate your risks and limit exposure. Find out more about MSOC.

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