Smart Fleet

A Real-Time GPS driven automotive tracking system, offering a cost-effective IoT solution for Fleet Management. Experience end-to-end visibility of operating insights for the entire transportation process. Lower your operational costs while increasing productivity and utilization of your fleet.


  • Real-time GPS-based tracking
  • Access Google maps through satellite connectivity
  • Time, distance and velocity monitoring
  • Ignition and openings monitoring and control
  • Virtual fencing
  • Fuel monitoring
  • 2-way communication
  • User-defined automatic alerts
  • Operational and statistical reports


  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased driver safety
  • Improved utilization of the fleet
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Lower fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Prevention of unauthorized vehicle usage
  • Stolen vehicle recovery assistance

How to Get Smart Fleet

Our team of IoT Experts is there to help you install the GPS tracker. Accessories such as fuel sensors and temperature sensors can also be installed. Once installed, your transportation system will be connected to our enterprise platform from where you are enabled to track and trace the entire fleet operation.

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Additional Info

Dialog Smart Fleet provides a much-needed logistics solution to businesses that require a Vehicle Tracking System to manage their fleet for more efficiency. This fleet management system uses real-time satellite connectivity to track routes, speed and other vehicle diagnostics.

The solution transmits information on vehicle location and driver analytics while monitoring maintenance issues. It alerts fleet operators on accidents, breakdowns and thefts, helping reduce rash vehicle usage and unauthorized use. Ideal for;

  • Large scale and middle scale businesses into Retail, FMCG, Transportation & Logistics and Construction.
  • Large fleet owners whose fleets are using different routes for their services around the country.
  • Any organization with large distribution channels, with time-critical delivery of products to sales points
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