Smart Fleet

A Real-Time GPS driven vehicle tracking system, offering a cost-effective IoT based Fleet Management system. This GPS focused Vehicle Tracking Solution allows you to experience end-to-end visibility and operating insights for the entire transportation process of your fleet. The Dialog Smart Fleet solution tracks fuel systems and helps lower operational costs while increasing productivity and maximizing the utilization of your fleet management system.


  • GPS Tracking System
  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Time, distance and velocity monitoring
  • Battery, Ignition, Engine Hours Monitoring
  • Street View, Geofence, History Track Play
  • Fuel Management
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management
  • Automotive grade Mobile DVR Video Monitoring
  • Driver Monitoring & Eco Driving
  • OBD Diagnostics
  • Operational & Statistical Reports
  • Automated real-time Alerts and Panic Alerts


  • Effective fleet management
  • Optimize resources & Increase Productivity
  • Save time & Reduce downtime
  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improve Safety
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle use
  • Monitor drivers and their behavior
  • Reduce maintenance costs & paperwork
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Fuel tracking
  • Theft Recovery & Locate Assets
  • Save on operating expenses

Additional Info

Dialog Smart Fleet provides an efficient logistics solution to businesses that require a GPS based Vehicle Tracking System in Sri Lanka to manage their fleet for more efficiency. This fleet management system uses real-time satellite connectivity to track routes, speed and other vehicle diagnostics.

This fleet management solution transmits information on vehicle location and driver analytics while monitoring maintenance issues. It alerts fleet operators on accidents, breakdowns and thefts, helping reduce rash vehicle usage and unauthorized use. Ideal for;

  • Large scale and middle scale businesses into Retail, FMCG, Transportation & Logistics and Construction.
  • Large fleet owners whose fleets are using different routes for their services around the country.
  • Any organization with large distribution channels, with time-critical delivery of products to sales points
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    How to Get Smart Fleet

    Our team of IoT Experts is there to help you install the GPS vehicle tracker. Accessories such as fuel sensors and temperature sensors can also be installed. Once installed, your transportation system will be connected to our enterprise platform from where you are enabled to track and trace the entire fleet operation.

    Device Independent

    When you use Dialog Smart Fleet, you’ll never have to stress about hardware trackers again. And we support more than 1100+ types of trackers from a range of manufacturers around the globe.

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    • What is Dialog Smart Fleet?

      Dialog Smart Fleet's effective logistics solution for businesses that require a GPS-based vehicle tracking system. Dialog Smart Fleet is a real-time GPS tracking system that is well positioned to provide a logistical solution to businesses that require a vehicle tracking system to better manage their fleet. Using real-time satellite communication, this fleet management system tracks routes, speeds, and other vehicle diagnostics.

    • What type of business is Smart Fleet available for?

      Large fleet owners, fleet operational managers of small and medium sized businesses or organizations with distribution channels – all of whom are actively looking to cut down on costs and improve efficiencies in their business given the challenges of the current economic and country context.

    • Why should my business get Dialog Smart Fleet?

      Managing a fleet operation in uncertain times requires people to not only work hard but also work smart. Dialog Smart Fleet is the smarter solution for your fleet management, and it improves efficiency, lowers costs, and outperforms other products on the market.

    • Why does my business need a fleet management system?

      If your business success relies on on-time deliveries and quality control of cargo, Dialog Smart Fleet could help your monitor and manage your fleet to ensure maximum efficiency.

    • What are the key benefits of Dialog Smart Fleet?
      • Full control and visibility to monitor entire fleet
      • Real-time GPS enabled tracking of performance
      • On-demand reports and updates
      • Security from vehicle theft
    • What are the types of businesses that should consider Dialog Smart Fleet?

      Any large or middle scale businesses owning an extensive fleet of vehicles, conducting time-critical distribution operations across multiple routes and locations.

    • How does Smart Fleet increase efficiency and lower costs?
      • Finds your vehicle and takes you the shortest route with the least amount of traffic.
      • Allows you to monitor the fuel levels and efficiency of your fleet.
      • Tracks the vehicle door opening and closing times when transporting your valuable goods to ensure their safety.
      • When transporting temperature-sensitive goods, it monitors the temperature of the load body.
      • Deliver your products at the proper temperature. It also monitors the vehicles remotely. Cabin, load body, live and backup footage
    • What are key operational features of this fleet tracking system?
      • Plan routes & vehicle utilization
      • Track real-time vehicle movements
      • Monitor fuel consumption
      • Manage driving behaviour
      • Generate reports & accurate updates
      • Schedule tasks
    • How will this system lower my costs?

      Increased efficiency will lower costs by way of better planned routes, reduced delays & idle time, energy savings, higher employee productivity and lowered risk.

    • How much will Dialog Smart Fleet cost?

      Contact a regional representative to discuss your specific requirements and our expert team will design a customized solution and costing for you.

    • What will the Dialog Smart Fleet setting-up process involve?

      Our team of IoT Experts will assess your operation and help install the fleet tracking system, with necessary sensors while creating a seamless integration into your system.

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