Smart Workforce

Better visibility of how your workforce is deployed helps you optimize their output and prioritize tasks. Monitoring and adjusting resource allocations becomes possible with this solution.


  • Real-time dashboard
  • Real-time tracking
  • Mobile URL
  • History of locations
  • Replay of location details within 24 hours
  • Activity log of Corporate Users
  • Mobile status update (Switch On/Off)


  • Provision of reports and plots of past positions
  • Real-time tracking of registered corporate mobile numbers.
  • Protection from unauthorized tracking of registered numbers
  • Ability to configure tracking intervals & icons
  • Add or remove numbers within the license
  • Clear access to groups within the user account
  • History records available for 30 days

Additional Info

Workforce is a cost-effective location-based solution that allows registered users to locate the whereabouts of their workforce and it gathers operating and diagnostic information from your workforce scattered around the regions. The solution is ideal for;

  • Organizations to track the mobility and availability of their sales & marketing personnel within their sales regions. The patterns of their sales visits to targeted locations can be monitored and analyzed.
  • Workforce is a vital solution for companies in the FMCG, Manufacturing, and Retail industries, predominantly dependent on the performance of its sales forces.
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