Smart ATM Monitoring

Yet another first from Dialog Enterprise, our IoT based Smart ATM monitoring solution provides complete visibility and real-time insights into your entire ATM network from one centralised location.


  • Monitoring of following:
    • Environment Status  (Temperature & Humidity)
    • Grid Power availability
    • UPS In/Out power availability
    • Generator – Power status & Fuel levels
    • CCTV DVR Power Availability
    • Outdoor Light ON/OFF Status
    • Siren – Active/Inactive Status
    • ATM Booth Back Door Sensor Status (Open/Close)
  • Real-time Alerts ( via SMS / E-mail/ Web)
  • Central monitoring system with Hierarchy-based user access
  • Advanced monitoring & alert features
  • Cloud based service


  • Ensures an uninterrupted service to the Bank’s customers
  • Increased security and enhanced equipment life time
  • Reduced sudden failures and operational costs
  • Real-time monitoring and data visibility
  • Access the details from anywhere with cloud-based platform
  • Identifies faults & failures and Supports proactive maintenance
  • Reduced human involvement  Helps to optimize operational costs
  • Cost effective and hazel free operation with No additional Data  / SMS charges

How to Get Smart ATM Monitoring

Our well-trained product team will assist with information you need about the product and provide demonstrations. Upon confirmation, our technical team will visit the site and propose the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for given location. Once you have decided on a solution, the technical team will carry out the installation process.

Additional Info

Following installation, our product team will give you comprehensive training on the platform, enabling you to monitor and analyze the solution in order to conserve energy, provide security and mitigate a number of possible risks.

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Smart ATM Monitoring Brochure

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