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Unlock the Power of Dialog Operator Connect for a Modernized Telephony Experience.

Experience the ease and speed of phone number assignments, allowing you to go live within minutes using the innovative Microsoft Teams Calling Automation Platform.

Seamlessly support your workforce in the era of hybrid and remote work. Our dedicated Microsoft practice ensures you maximize the potential of your Microsoft 365 and phone system licenses, guaranteeing a productive and efficient communication ecosystem for your enterprise.


  • Quick to assign numbers
  • Simple to Deploy
  • Reliable and Trusted
  • Extra cost effectiveness
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Extended Global Coverage


  • On-demand scaling
  • Built for reliability & survivability
  • Simple to manage & understand
  • Get 24/7/365 Dialog technical support

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Dialog Operator connect

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    How to Get Dialog Operator Connect

    Apply for a 14-day free trial and try Microsoft Operator Connect for yourself

    With the new automated system, the once time-consuming manual setup that required an IT specialist for onboarding and setup is now simplified into a 15-minute process with a user-friendly, no-code interface, effectively eliminating the high risk of costly mistakes associated with manual handling and providing a cost-effective setup and deployment solution at $0.

    Apply for Free Trial period: Dialog Operator Connect

    Operate confidently with enterprise-grade security

    Microsoft Teams keeps your data safe with enterprise-grade security protocols. Dialog Enterprise also uses AI-driven error detection to maximise performance, with an average uptime of 99.99%

    Dialog Operator connect


    • What is the main difference between MS Teams and MS Teams Operator Connect?

      MS Teams only allows you to contact a person via Teams client. But once you are onboarded to MS Operator Connect, it allows you to dial out or receive fixed or mobile calls through your same MS Teams client.

    • How should I pay for the service? Is it a one-time payment or a monthly rental?

      You have to pay on monthly basis for the services we provide. If you need any advanced guidance on service implementation, a one-time consultation fee is included. Call usage charges will be applicable based on the usage.

    • What are the capabilities you enable other than calling?

      Most commonly used voice policies and features are provided through this solution, including:

      • Cloud call attendants
      • Cloud call queues
      • Music on Hold
      • Call answer/ initiate (by name & number)
      • Call forwarding options & simultaneous ringing
      • Group call pickup
      • Cal transfer
    • What are the benefits of having this service?

      Operator Connect service gives you a range of benefits, including:

      • Operator-managed infrastructure – We manage the PSTN calling services and required backend infrastructure, allowing you to save on hardware purchase and management.
      • Faster, easier deployment – You can quickly connect to your operator and assign phone numbers to users – all from the Teams admin center.
      • Enhanced support and reliability – We provide technical support and shared service level agreements to improve support service, while direct peering powered by MS Azure creates a one-to-one network connection for enhanced reliability.
    • How do you migrate your voice services?

      If you are migrating from Direct Routing to Operator Connect, the process needs to be carefully managed to avoid downtime. Don’t worry though, we have a guide we provide our customers with as part of the onboarding process to walk you through the process.

    • How can I request this service?

      You can contact relevant Dialog Sales representative if you have or contact corporate hotline/ website.

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