Dialog Fibre

Dialog Fibre is the fastest and most dependable solution for all of your business’s internet requirements. Experience unparalleled internet speeds with ample bandwidth to run all your devices and connect with partners and clients anywhere in the world. Join the Dialog Fibre network to better equip your business to compete and succeed.


  • High speed internet
  • Totally secure data connection
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric connections to suit requirements
  • Low latency leading to less delays
  • Industry benchmark for high-speed networking


  • Improved business agility with scalable network solutions
  • Seamlessly connect several office locations or remote workers
  • High bandwidth
  • Obtain both technical and non-technical support 24/7 from our team of specialists
  • Unparalleled reliability due to greater resistance to fire, weather, and electrical interference

Additional Info

Dialog Biz Fibre connect provides ultrafast internet connectivity through Dialog’s large multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network served by multiple transits via India, Dubai, London, Frankfurt, France, New York, Amsterdam and Singapore.

We offer dedicated connections, symmetric connectivity and the bandwidth your business needs, to run multiple applications and processes flawlessly. With superior high-speed internet services guaranteed not to slow down during high traffic, your business will be better equipped to compete and succeed.

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