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Joining forces with global cloud service providers such as Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Huawei Public Cloud, Dialog Enterprise now enables a dedicated direct cloud connection to your preferred cloud service provider through Dialog Direct Cloud Connect (DDCC). Experience faster and more secure connectivity with this direct connection in comparison to connections made over the public Internet.


  • Direct connections to global cloud services – AWS, Azure, GCP, HPC
  • Enhanced Security
    • Traffic over a dedicated connection
    • Fewer hops to the destination
    • Keep existing security policies
    • Protection through different submarine cables
  • Higher Performance
    • Dialog SLAs with 24/7 monitoring
    • Connect where you are
  • Lower Egress Costs for Customers
    • Save up to 50% on egress pricing
    • Ingress traffic-free for all regions
    • Free up corporate bandwidth


  • Private connection with enhanced information security
  • Lower latency
  • Connect directly to the organization’s WAN
  • Increased reliability and speed
  • Flexible bandwidths
  • Connects on-premise networks to public clouds
  • Reduced costs
  • Access to Dialog Service Support

Additional Info

You will have direct cloud access to Azure ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect, GCP Interconnect and Huawei Direct Connect in Sri Lanka.

Enjoy global cloud connectivity with a connection that is not only private but also extra safe. The added layer of security we provide ensures that you never have to worry about how secure your information will be. Direct connections over WAN, a lesser number of hops, and flexible bandwidth all contribute to better performance and low latency faster speeds and improved user experience.

You can connect to your preferred cloud service from anywhere and rest assured that you will enjoy traffic-free ingress. We absorb egress costs on behalf of our customers, ensuring that you save as much as half of what you would pay on egress prices. When you invest in Dialog Direct Cloud Connect you will be provided with a Dialog Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 24/7 monitoring and support.

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    • What is Dialog Direct Cloud Connect (DDCC)?

      Dialog Direct Cloud Connect is a network service that provides an alternative to using the Internet to connect customer’s on premise sites to public clouds such as Azure, AWS, GCP and Huawei. DDCC do not go over the public Internet. It offers higher security, reliability, and speeds, with lower and consistent latency than typical connections over the Internet. In some cases, using DDCC connections to transfer data between on-premises devices and public clouds can yield significant cost benefits.

    • What can I do with DDCC?

      Using DDCC, data that would have previously been transported over the Internet can now be delivered through a private network connection between Public clouds and your data center or corporate network.

    • What are the benefits of using DDCC and private network connections?

      In many circumstances, private network connections can reduce costs, increase bandwidth, increase performance with low latency, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

    • How will DDCC lower my costs?

      Dialog Direct Cloud Connect offers lower Egress costs for customers, enabling up to 50% savings on egress pricing. You could also make savings on your corporate bandwidth.

    • How Can I Get Dialog Direct Cloud Connect?

      Contact our team of experts who will assess your requirement and provide a customized solution and costing for your business.

    • Does Direct Cloud Connect come with Redundant Connections?

      Each Direct Cloud Connection consists of a single dedicated connection between ports on the on premise router and the cloud service provider’s router. It is recommended to establish a second connection if redundancy is required.

    • Can I connect to the Internet via this connection?

      DDCC will only allow connecting to Cloud Service Providers and will NOT allow you to connect to the internet.

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