Shakya’s story on leveraging IoT for his business

Business scenario

Shakya, a baker in Colombo had been looking for a way to manage deliveries for the orders. With the escalating demand for bakery items, rice seemed no longer the staple food and people in the metropolis. So, these modern metropolitans tend to consume bakery and easy to cook food, finding it a convenient way of alleviating their busy life with work.

On top of this, demands on delivery grew up exponentially with the curfew situation in the country in the aftermath of the COVID 19 outbreak.

The issues  

To meet the surging demands with enhanced customer experience, Shakya decided to onboard Nadeeja who owns a food delivery business. With this partnership, they were able to expand their delivery covering the whole district of Colombo. But Shakya still found Nadeeja’s delivery methods are quite primitive that it makes a lot of work involved in the process. The level of customer complaints on late deliveries and other issues seemed to be alarming. On the other hand, the level of demand for the product is also increasing. Now, it was high time for him to strike a balance between the former and the latter. Better delivery, lesser complaints.

Way out

He made the decision to streamline the processes to better serve the burgeoning demand for his products. Moreover, the delivery method solely depended on a telephone operation from one point to another.  Shakya had a little idea of GPS solutions and he surfed the internet to find solutions that better serve his requirement. Finally, he found Dialog GPS Tracking Service on Dialog Website and it took no time for him to contact an Account Manager from their end to solve this pestering issue with his business


The Account Manager proposed to have a Smart Fleet solution.  Recommended as this would help them to run the business smoothly and cost-effectively by saving fuel with optimized delivery with greater customer satisfaction.

Following shows how Shakya and Nadeeja managed to come up with an ideal model with Dialog Smart Fleet Delivery 

Problem 1: Shakya agree to pay Nadeeja Rs 30 per KM and settlement was done weekly basis. Nadeeja claims that the team has done about 100 km extra compared to Shakya’s records. 

Solution: Smart Fleet solution has many report templates. By using trip reports Shakya can calculate the exact distance traveled for each delivery. Then they came to know some drivers have used the vehicles for their personal matters while delivering cakes. Shakya enabled the Geo-Fence feature for all the delivery vehicles. each time they go out of the way Shakya can check the vehicle location and call the drivers and inquire as Shakya and Nadeeja get alerts

Problem 2: Shakya started to receive complaints from the customers that deliveries are getting delay.  

Solution: Smart Fleet solution has a root optimization option. Via root optimization, Shakya and Nadeeja are well aware of the best root to take based on distance and traffic. Nadeeja can assign the delivery task drivers based on order locations. The chance of two vehicles going to the same area can be eliminated. Shakya have clear visibility on driver location and he can give customer ETA to minimize the waiting time of the customer

Problem 3: Nadeeja came to know that one vehicle fuel consumption is higher than the average  

Solution: Smart Fleet solution has fuel sensors. Nadeeja decided to have one installed on this vehicle. Nadeeja noticed that each day evening there’s a drastic drop in fuel. He came to realize this by generating a fuel consumption report. After investigating this, Nadeeja found out that the driver is selling fuel ( Stealing ) each day fuel worth of Rs 1000. This has been happening for more than 3 months. Then he decides to have it on each vehicle is its cost only Rs 22,000/= and he could have saved it this by one month without losing money for 3 months 

Problem 4: Shakya started to receive complains from the customers that some days Ice Cream Cakes quality is not good  

Solution: Shakya realized that he gets complaints on sunny days, which means the temperature is high. As a result, the icing of the cakes got melted and freshness of the product has gone down. Shakya requested Nadeeja to install a temperature sensor on his small freezer truck. They found out that the temperature in the freezer truck is not working properly due to issues with the compressor. Because they installed a temperature sensor, Nadeeja managed to repair the compressor and save money instead of replacing the whole system and Shakya continues to get customers’ endorsement by delivering high-quality cakes.

All in all, it was a success story for both Shakya and Nadeeja. Now, they aspire to invest more in IoT, knowing the successful results in the store.

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