Data Share Plans

Dialog introduces a range of shareable data plans with unlimited voice. These unique packages allow SME to assign data quota among its employees and enjoy unlimited free calls among the assigned numbers. The shareable plans are monthly rental plans and any Post-paid or Pre-paid number can be assigned as a share line.

How to Get Data Share Plans

Dialog has extended this shareable data plans during this time to ensure business continuity for SMEs and facilitate their employees to work from home.

  • Rs. 999 + Tax           10 GB anytime team calls FREE               2 members
  • Rs. 1499 + Tax          15 GB anytime team calls FREE              4 members
  • Rs. 2099 + Tax          20 GB anytime team calls FREE             6 members

* The pack holder is also counted in the ‘number of members’ assigned for each shareable data plan.

Activation methods


  • The primary connection must be Post-paid, but members/sub connections can be Pre-paid /Post-paid Mobile numbers.
  • Member numbers can continue to enjoy their package benefits independent from the resources given via the share plans.
  • Any Postpaid customer could subscribe for the Shareable Data Add-on through My Dialog App, and the rental will be charged to the primary number.
  • Shareable Data Add-on contains a data quota that could be shared among the group members. If required Pack holder could utilize the whole data quota without sharing with any member.


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