Touch Corporate Card

The Touch Corporate Fuel Card, developed by Dialog Axiata PLC, is an innovative solution leveraging Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to offer enterprises a unique corporate quota management solution.

This initiative is designed to replace traditional company transport books, significantly reducing the time spent collating and analyzing employee usage data. By simplifying transactions and back-office processing into a single click, the Touch Corporate Card provides real-time management information with enhanced security. This results in a fully automated process that includes instant SMS notifications, streamlining operations and improving efficiency for corporate users. The Touch corporate Fuel Card is trusted by 650+ top corporates and accepted by over 430 Fuel stations Island wide.


  • Monitoring the activity of each transaction by date, time, and location.
  • Receiving instant SMS notifications for every transaction.
  • A web interface accessible to both users and corporate administrative personnel.
  • Multiple applications embedded in a single card, enhancing its versatility and functionality.
  • Ability to utilize the card for Taxi hailing and Ev charging.


  • VAT invoices on every transaction performed Island wide for your 18% corporate VAT claim.
  • Replacement of manual receipts, reducing paperwork and manual entry errors.
  • Fast and secure transactions, ensuring data protection and efficiency.
  • An easy-to-use tap-and-go mechanism, simplifying the user experience.
  • Improved operational efficiency and cost reduction through streamlined processes.
  • The ability to pre-determine limits for employees regarding service types, usage times, and locations, providing better control and management of resources.
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