Infobip SaaS Products

Dialog Enterprise in partnership with Infobip is now offering an omnichannel communication platform for its enterprise clientele. The Infobip communications platform refers to a cloud-based platform that provides enterprises the ability to add communication services to their applications or to utilize Infobip SaaS products.

By adjusting to their customer’s preferred way of interaction, enterprises can create greater experiences throughout their customer’s journey.


  • Omnichannel platform covering all the interaction channels (like SMS, WhatsApp, Viber etc.)
  • Cloud-based contact centre for inquiry management.
  • Bot building platform for communication automation.
  • Customer engagement platform for marketing automation.
  • Customer data platform ensuring a single view of the customer.
  • All channels and tools are interconnected and interact with each other through a web interface or API connection.


  • Create a superior customer experience with contextual messaging
  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • A one-stop-hub for communication management (irrespective of the operating department)
  • World-class expertise and global service standards
  • Saves money and time because companies no longer need to invest in developing their own solution
  • Attain cost-efficacy by optimizing the cost of running a contact center
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