The BizCare web portal & Lite Mobile App aim at empowering Dialog Enterprise customers with complete control over their accounts and round-the-clock support thereby enabling a superior service experience.


My bill :

  • Generates an interim bill and emails individual & PR bills from the last 6 months
  • e-Bill subscription
  • Credit limit changes can be implemented either individually or by bulk
  • Actual and C/O user updates can be implemented either individually or by bulk

Services :

  • VAS activation and deactivation
  • Enable roaming services
  • Data package activation, modification, request Data extension and download usage reports


  • SIM changes can be implemented either individually or by bulk
  • New connection activation
  • Mobile number change


  • View balance Data quota
  • Request Data extension
  • Download usage reports


  • e-Bill subscription
  • Generates e-Bills for the last 6 months
  • View package information, rental, and status


  • Manage and control services instantly on one single platform
  • High confidentiality and security
  • Portal is available on both web and mobile applications
  • Best eco-system service for corporates
  • 24×7 connectivity service from any location
App Registration process for the Biz Care App by Dialog Enterprise

How to Get BizCare

Manage all your Dialog corporate connections from anywhere at any time on Bizcare.

BizCare  – Web Login

Download the “Bizcare Lite”

Additional Info

BizCare web allows you to access a range of user guides in various formats (videos and EDMs) through a centralized destination.

The BizCare Lite App is a new way for you to manage all your Dialog corporate connections instantly from anywhere at any time in a few clicks.


How to navigate to the Help Function on the BizCare by Dialog Enterprise
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