VisitorTags – Safe Pass

Dialog VisitorTags ensures smart reception operations by managing guest arrivals, recording contact details and online health declarations, providing a visitor entry pass controlling where visitors can go and the length of their stay. Ensure the safety of your employees and customers while providing a contactless but positive digital visitor experience.


  • A healthy check-in process for businesses
  • Online health declaration form with location base entry
  • One-time user registration
  • Digital tool for contact tracing
  • No human interaction with common devices
  • Access to multiple locations
  • Provides accurate visitor information
  • Centralised administration and management
  • Data privacy and security
  • Automated system with emergency alert
  • Quick & simple touch-free access
  • An attractive, user-friendly interface


  • Visibility of visitors entering your facility
  • Traceable visitor experience
  • Emergency alerts to visitors
  • Contactless interaction
  • Reduced user entry errors
  • Quick reports & dashboards
  • Supports multiple technologies
  • Enhanced security

Additional Info

Now you can experience the contact-free, digital COVID-19 Safe-Pass introduced by Dialog Enterprise. Just easily log in to Visitor Tags and trial the system for a period of 30 days.

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Enhance consumer experience by reducing manual processes with Dialog Visitor Tags.

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VisitorTags – Safe Pass Brochure

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    • Why does my business need Dialog VisitorTags?

      As we return to business as usual in the face of a new normal, you will need a smart visitor management system to ensure compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations while providing a pleasant and safe experience for your customers and employees.

    • What are the key benefits of Dialog VisitorTags?
      • Full visibility of those entering your business premises
      • Contactless visitor management
      • Control over access areas with a visitor pass system
      • Recording of contact details & health status for contact tracing
      • Ability to manage visitors across multiple business locations
      • Increased efficiency and positive experiences
    • What are the types of businesses that should consider Dialog VisitorTags?

      Any business with moderate to high footfall requires a visitor management system to ensure the safety and security of customers, employees and the business itself. More so if your business operates across different locations.

    • How much will Dialog VisitorTags cost?

      Contact a Dialog Enterprise representative to discuss your specific requirements and our expert team will design a customized solution and costing for you.

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