VisitorTags – Smart Visitor Management System

A fully-fledged visitor management system to optimize the efficiency of receptions or front desks at businesses thereby empowering reception staff to receive visitors that arrive at the facility through smart preregistration.

Smoothen your visitor’s check-in process with digitized VisitorTags Solution. Make your process from messy paper work to digital framework.

The VisitorTags system facilitates an efficient way for companies, large or small, to manage their visitors and to provide a unique and memorable experience while protecting employees against theft and other security risks; by way of reducing the time spent during security concerns, easing visitor validation and minimizing human errors. The system performs the essential tasks of recording when guests arrive, limit where they can go, and control the length of their stay. Furthermore maintaining audit trails and helping organizations with compliance to international and national standards and regulations. 



VisitotTags creates a great professional experience for your visitors by welcoming your visitors with smart digital way.

  • Pre-registered visitors
  • Check-in unlimited visitors
  • Check-in with QR code or reference number
  • Notification to host and the guest
  • Enhance security
  • Live and quick reports
  • Emergency visitor list
  • Activate guest WiFi
  • Reports for audit trails
  • Superior services
  • Sync with active directory


  • Real time visitor logs: Measure the performance with your live visitor list that always up to date with detail of your visitors
  • Collaborate Smartly: Give your visitor a remarkable experience and notify both Guest and visitor to solve the time consumption for coordination
  • Boost your performance with Analytics: Make business decisions by monitoring the visitors’ purpose of visits and analyze the growth of visitor pattern
  • Make a difference with professional experience: VisitorTags solution is a safe and secure solution for any organization where every check-in and check-in out is smooth and the visitor data is secured

Additional Info

VisitorTags Solution powers productivity and performance by fast-moving the visitor check-in process. It is the most professional way of welcoming your visitor by saving the time consumption of the host and  visitors. Small or large organization, It is very helpful as the data is real time and it can be retrieved for various situations like emergency or security purpose.

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