ParkTags – Smart Parking Solution

With the authorities systemizing the traffic systems to ease off the congestion, now many buildings and office spaces should have the facility to offer smart parking in Sri Lanka.

Dialog Enterprise ParkTags, a convenience based offering enabled by Near Field Communication (NFC), is the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution. With automated parking systems that encourage people to reduce harmful greenhouse gases such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), CO2 and other emissions by over 80%, while saving time and money spent on fuel for searching parking spaces.


  • Mobile device-based solution
  • Barrier gate access control
  • Automated Number-Plate Recognition
  • Free mobile application for ParkTags user’s
  • Convenience reservation for parking slots
  • Quick and multiple reports
  • Ease of parking management for admin
  • Customizable solution
  • Reduced complexities of parking
  • Ability to monitor car park utilization and Analytics


  • The ease of locating the nearest parking slot available within a radius of XXkm.
  • Efficient use of time & fuel consumption
  • Avoid traffic concessions
  • Convenient use with ParkTags mobile application for user’s
  • A fully digitized experience
  • Avoidance of wastage and ensuring efficient time management.
  • Enhance security

Additional Info


ParkTags – Smart Parking Solution

Automated Solution – Automated number plate recognition enables users to access the parking station quick and easy.

Semi-Automated Solution – Users to self-access the parking barrier gate by tapping their NFC identity card at the Parking station.

Mobile Device Solution – Users to enable tapping the NFC card to the parking security officer’s NFC enabled mobile device to access the parking station.


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