Dialog Retail Analytics Solution

Dialog Retail Analytics Solution provides enterprise customers with actionable data to understand their customer/visitor behaviour in order to make decisions that positively impact sales and enable enterprises to forecast future based marketing initiatives with a viable solution. It gives real-time analytics such as Occupancy Count, Age Classification, Gender Identification and more meaningful insights which enable better staff planning, improves employee well-being and sales, evaluates the ROI and staff optimization in addition to many more benefits.

The solution requires no special hardware units and it is easy to integrate with the existing customer cameras for live monitoring with multiple features. Specific features required by the customer can be enabled to the solution.


  • Visitor Counting
  • Age Classification
  • Gender Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Counts Total Occupancy
  • Hourly Analysis
  • Live Data & Dashboards


  • Enables positive and proactive business decision making
  • Enhances a better customer experience
  • Boost sales & conversions
  • Business decisions can be made with the analytics, including;
    • Evaluates the return on investment
    • Optimizes staff planning & reduces labour cost
    • Optimizes space¬† & improves store design
    • Improves the well-being of occupants
    • Improves customer service
    • Optimizes operational costs
    • Converts opportunities¬† into sales
    • Reduces security operating costs
  • No special hardware required
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