Smart Server Rooms

Get a competitive edge by adopting a real-time, central monitoring system for your server rooms. Monitor and gain real-time insights from your server rooms from a single, central location. The solution offers services such as server room monitoring, server power monitoring, temperature monitoring and humidity monitoring among others, giving you greater control over your server room operations.


  • Detailed Dashboard
  • Monitor power availability and consumption
  • Centralized remote monitoring system
  • Set threshold alerts to detect excess usage
  • Real-time Alerts & Notifications
  • Energy consumption comparison updates via text alerts (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Billing grade metering solution


  • Reduced blackouts and system-wide electricity failures
  • Eliminated contamination risks
  • Detailed energy usage reports
  • Ability to lower electricity bills by adjusting usage
  • Avoidance of manual monthly meter readings
  • Real-time electric system monitoring
  • More efficient use of power resources
  • Provision of responsive data for balancing electric loads
  • Enables dynamic pricing
  • Optimized profits with existing resources
  • Hierarchy based user access

How to Get Smart Server Rooms

Our well-trained product team is always ready to assist you with product knowledge and demonstrations. Upon confirmation, our technical team will visit the site and propose the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for the given location. Following this, our expert technical teams will carry out the installation.

Additional Info

Featuring novel applications to enhance the security of your servers, this solution can be installed within 2 hours. Following the installation, our product team will give you comprehensive training about the solution platform.  You will then be able to monitor and analyze the solution in order to save energy consumption and reduce risks that may occur during power failures.

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