SMART Generator Monitoring

Having problems with monitoring the performance and fuel levels of the generators installed across many locations of your business or worries that a sudden power outage directly affects your overall productivity?

If so, our Dialog IoT Smart Generator Monitoring solution can help you to run your generators at peak efficiency, Monitor the performance of the generator, Fuel level & Electricity generation, which can improve the bottom line of your business and provide you with peace of mind.


  • Generator fuel levels and consumption details , Detects tank fill-up and fuel-draining volumes
  • Real-time performance  and status monitoring  via customized interactive dashboards
  • Customizable alerts based on time/monitored parameters/ frequency
  • SMS/ email/ web alerts & notifications when exceeding critical thresholds
  • Energy consumption comparison and historical data
  • Summary of alerts by Severity & Online/Offline device status
  • Entity-based hierarchy to manage multiple locations via different user access levels
  • Worry free access from anywhere in the world with the Cloud-hosted platform


  • Real-time monitoring of energy generation
  • Alerts of sudden fuel level changes including possible Fuel theft/leak.
  • Reduce maintenance and manpower costs.
  • Helps to take decisions on Improving Power efficiency
  • Supports to  reductions in fuel and manpower waste.
  • Data & Insights for future planning & analytics.
  • Allows to monitor all the generators with the sample click of the mouse

Additional Info

Intermittent power outages are one of the major challenges that facility owners face as they struggle with uninterrupted power and connectivity, increasing the importance of the Dialog SMART Generator solution to keep tabs on generators. This solution allows users to remotely monitor and control generator functionality in various locations, reducing maintenance costs and improving efficiency.

Our Smart Generator monitoring solution helps operational and maintenance teams to remotely observe generator fuel levels, oil pressure, battery voltages, temperature and other critical energy readings to make critical day-to-day decisions effortlessly. The solution can be implemented with any type of generator old or new and has a web interface to get real-time and historical reports.

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