Smart Energy Meter

IoT Smart Meter is a revolutionary new solution that facilitates, monitoring the consumption of  Electrical energy , parameters related to Electricity and transmits data in real time to a centralised, cloud hosted platform. This allows organisations to monitor the usage of energy and allowing for cost-effective energy management & planning while also contributing to environmental sustainability.



  • Monitoring mechanism to check on power availability and consumption
  • Centralised remote monitoring system for all IoT solutions
  • Detailed & user-friendly dashboard
  • Access from anywhere with the cloud hosted platform
  • Possibility if setting Threshold alerts to detect excessive usage
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Energy consumption caparison updates via text alerts (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Billing grade metering solution


  • Visibility of phase-wise energy consumption and energy characteristics
  • Monitor the energy usage of different branches, tenants and departments
  • Ability to compare with historical data& implement power saving initiatives
  • Fair billing for each tenant promotes resource conservation
  • Hierarch- based user access to the monitoring platform
  • Gives your internal and external customers a fair view on the energy usage
  • Flexibility adjust to your business needs & after sales support

How to Get Smart Energy Meter

Our well-trained product team will assist you with product knowledge and demonstrations. Upon confirmation, our technical team visits the site and will propose the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for the given location. Our expert technical team will then carry out the installation.

Additional Info

One smart meter solution can be installed within 2 hours. Following installation, our product team will give you comprehensive training on using the platform, enabling you to monitor and analyze the solution in order to conserve power consumption. It enables businesses to implement sub-metering and continued monitoring allows the collection of data to implement energy-saving measures.

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