Home & Office Automation with Dialog

Enhance your smart lifestyle in the age of IOT with a Smart Home Automation Solution from Dialog, customized to your unique home or office. You can now control security & surveillance, smart lighting, entertainment and many more devices, all connected seamlessly to function with a click. Dialog Automation solutions are designed to simplify routine tasks, increase energy efficiency and safety while providing the convenience of managing your home or office from anywhere, anytime. 




  • Seamless & uninterrupted connectivity
  • Smart devices serving
    • Lighting
    • Power
    • Curtain Controls
    • Security
    • Environmental Sensors
  • Control via mobile app or voice commands
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Access controls and room management
  • Real-time alerts & notifications
  • Safe & secured solutions


  • Manage all your devices from anywhere at any time
  • Increase energy efficiency by controlling your devices and lights when necessary
  • Maximize home security with sensors and surveillance that gives instant alerts
  • Automate routine tasks manage your time efficiently
  • Enable device interworking to give a richer smart home experience
  • Use voice control to interact with your devices with a simple phrase

How to Get Home & Office Automation with Dialog

Dialog Smart Home Automation Solutions is a complete end-to-end solution designed to address all your day-to-day struggles with innovative and convenient smart IoT devices that connect you to your home 24×7 via your mobile phone.

Our well-trained product team will assist you with product knowledge and demonstrations. Upon confirmation, our technical team visits the site and will propose the most suitable cost-effective enterprise-grade solutions for the given location. Our expert technical team will then carry out the installation.

Our customized online guide can help you choose what devices you need for your home. Upon completion, we will send you a quotation to give you a better understanding of what you will need.

Additional Info

Smart Home Automation Solution – Product Brochure

Product Brochure

Home & Office Automation with Dialog Brochure

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    • Why should I invest in Smart Home/Office Automation?

      Smart Home technologies are designed to add convenience and safety to our day-to-day lifestyles whilst saving time, money, and energy. Traditional home automation solutions are restricted to standalone devices being controlled remotely. However true automation has much more to offer.

    • Why choose Dialog Enterprise Automation Solutions?

      Dialog Smart Home/Office Solutions deliver the best in class solutions with an unmatched service promise. Our partnerships with the best solution providers in Sri Lanka, guarantees an end-to-end smart home experience ranging from connectivity with Wi-Fi, to entertainment, surveillance and automation.

    • What are the advantages of a Home/Office Automation (SmartHome) with Dialog Enterprise?
      • Customized solutions to match your unique needs
      • Solutions facilitated with the best devices through our partner network
      • Installation and after-sales support via tech experts
      • Service assurance with on-premise support and warranty replacement
      • On-call support ensuring that you are constantly guided and your requirements fulfilled
    • What kind of automation products are available via Dialog Enterprise?

      As part of our Smart Home automation solutions, you will have access to Smart Lighting/ Automatic Lighting, Smart Temperature Control, Smart switches and extensions and Smart Surveillance. All our solutions are geared to promote Smart Living and support a modern lifestyle.

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