Cold Room Temperature Monitoring System

Companies are obliged  (sometimes legally compelled)  to monitor cold storage areas to preserve quality and maintain consumer product safety standards. When temperature sensitive products- perishable goods  are stored prior to final distribution, the storage condition data needs to be recorded and accessible anytime.

The organizations perform manual temperature monitoring causes a major administrative burden for the maintenance team and often flawed with a lack of authentication. Temperature monitoring, recording, and data logging technologies make that job a lot easier and provide an additional layer of protection.


  • Wireless monitoring and better local supervision of critical parameters of storage unit in real time
  • Preventive SMS/E-mail alerts resulting in timely action
  • Historical data collection for better analysis and audits
  • Easy to manage- deploy multiple cold-rooms based on preferred hierarchy
  • Reduce costs with 24/7 automated monitoring
  • Able to display the live readings on a large screen


  • A number of regulations and processes are mandatory within the cold storage and cold chain industries to ensure safety of perishable goods
  • Manual documentation processes are time consuming, resource intensive and prone to human error
  • Warehouse segment can realize cost savings by reducing waste, spoilage and recalls, freeing up employee time by automating manual documentation processes, and wirelessly tracking the temperature in coolers and freezers
  • CTMS can properly track and record temperatures 24/7, immediately alerting staff of any detected issues

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