Zero Worries on Data – Work from Anywhere

Work from anywhere with ‘Zero Worries on Data’ from Dialog Enterprise is an innovative solution which allows all Dialog corporate users to access shared online resources without consuming data or incurring any cost. The IP addresses of pre-identified online resources will be whitelisted to all employees in accessing those authorised content. At the month’s end, the total data consumption of all whitelisted IPs will be calculated based on a special rate card on a per GB basis and added to corporate bill.


  • Ability to add multiple IP addresses
  • Automated usage reports and billing
  • Support both pre and post-paid connections
  • Seamless access via any mobile or fixed network
  • Per GB charging


  • Increase the productivity of employees in Work from Anywhere environment
  • No administrative hassle to allocate data to individual users
  • Employees will never run out of data for official work
  • Receive a single bill for total data usage by all users
  • Universal access to users from multiple Dialog networks
  • Data free access to online resources for all employees including ERPs and online shared systems

How to Get Zero Worries on Data – Work from Anywhere

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