Edumix LMS Solution

The Dialog Edumix Learning Management System (LMS) provides institutes and tuition classes that do not have an LMS, with one featuring ‘Zero Worries on Data,’ thereby giving its students access to their required educational content without any data cost or limit.

The Dialog Edumix LMS, operates on the DigiEdu platform, which is an outcome of the partnership between Dialog Enterprise and Databox and enables educational institutes to safely, conveniently and cost effectively continue business operations in an online/hybrid environment. The platform can be used by all Dialog end users such as students, administrators and teachers, who have been granted access by the institute.


  • Digital rights management (DRM) Protected video lessons
  • On demand and live video lessons
  • Provides SMS-based login
  • Allows online payments
  • Comprehensive student profile
  • Download now watch later feature for videos
  • Extensive reporting for settlements and monitoring
  • Built in SMS Marketing solution
  • Conduct Quizzes (interactive, PDF based)
  • Assignments with PDF submissions and marking
  • Support for multiple branches
  • Offers student support portal


To Institute

  • Branded mobile app
  • Web based LMS solution
  • Phyiscal institute management
  • Ability to facilitate hybrid learning
  • Free dedicated student support hotline

To Students and Teachers

  • Cost effective
  • Saves standard data
  • Increases engagement
  • High resolution content
  • Streamlined class times
  • Works with home or mobile broadband

Additional Info

Our Enterprise Account Managers are always available and can be reached anytime to fulfill the needs of our clientele.


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Terms and Conditions v1.0 (With effect until 14th January 2023)

Terms and Conditions v2.0 (With effect from 15th January 2023)

Dialog Edumix Learning Management System (LMS)
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