Digital Education Special Package

Focus connectivity solutions to power real time distance education with a seamless teacher-student interactive experience.


  • 15GB daytime data and another 15GB nighttime data
  • Data management through the MyDialog App
  • Specifically designed applications for online learning and collaboration tools such as Zoom and Teams
  • Advanced content filtering (social media, streaming, gaming etc.) available on demand


  • The academic staff (Teachers) of your organization can receive a standard Dialog Fixed Broadband connection for just LKR 600 (limited offer*)
  • Teachers can teach throughout the month without worrying about their Data balance as it comes with Unlimited Data for MS Teams and Zoom
  • Enables schools/ educational institutes to bring both their teachers and students on to one platform to reduce the overall cost of Data
  • Students also can enjoy a total of 50GB of Data for their educational purposes
  • Dialog Enterprise’s Account Managers are always available and can be reached at any time

How to Get Digital Education Special Package

  • Contact the administration/IT team of your educational institute, they can get the connectivity solution for you from Dialog
  • Your institute can reach out to the Dialog Enterprise Account Manager who is always available for any support.
  • Just in case your educational institute doesn’t have such a dedicated Enterprise Account Manager from Dialog yet, just ask them to get one by dialing 0777 887 887

Additional Info

Our Enterprise Account Managers are always available and can be reached anytime to fulfill the needs of our clientele.


  • Students

    LKR 1,120 Monthly Rental
    • Dialog HBB Base Pack
    • Work and Learn Lite Pack
    • 30GB MS Teams and Zoom Add-on
  • Teachers

    LKR 1,140 Monthly Rental

    Dialog HBB Teachers’ Base Pack
    + Work and Learn Lite Pack with
    Unlimited MS Teams and Zoom Add-on

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