Digital Credentialing

Connect with our comprehensive virtual certificate and academic badge platform to overcome limitations transitioning from laggard certificate printing efforts to advanced digital credentialing endeavours.

The verifiable digital credentials concept has existed for quite a long time now, but it became a necessity with the increase in demand for digitally-driven academic qualifications in the backdrop of the pandemic. ‘DigiEdu’ powered by Dialog Axiata PLC currently partnered with Convergence.Tech, Inc. to establish a solid, verifiable credentials platform Convergence.Tech Identity (C.TI) for all Sri Lankan Education Providers.


  • Establishes a new standard of trust in the digital education landscape
  • LMS integrations
  • New learning pathways
  • Complies with leading global digital credential and identity standards
  • Forgery proof
  • Easy to validate issued certificates


For Students

  • Easily shareable
  • Digitally certified, therefore no validation is required
  • Can be easily added to LinkedIn profiles
  • Employers can verify qualifications’  authenticity and provenance instantly
  • No more losing or scanning of certificates
  • Delivered within minutes
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Consistent trust, security and privacy in the environment
  • Cryptographically secured and unforgeable
  • Facilitates managing a certified digital wallet for educational qualifications

For Institutes & Universities

  • Own a designated digital badge as an education provider
  • Start your own digital education academy
  • LMS integration- Registrar can manage a digital library
  • Certificates can be generated and delivered within minutes
  • A seamless solution
  • Cryptographically secured and unforgeable
  • Can set expiration dates
  • No more hassle going through printed paper certificates and courier disputes
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