Data Science Academy

Our primary objective is to assist in building data science and analytical skills of organizations with in-depth and interactive training programs using industry expertise. Organizations can be benefitted by establishing data-driven decision making and enhance performance.


  • Management awareness programs to understand strategic values of using own data in data-driven decision making and get the best out of them.
  • Technical trainings for individuals who are into data science related job scopes enhancing their knowledge in learning new tools and concepts and make their business intelligence / analytics work easier.
  • Free assessment on current competencies related to data science culture in the organization and based on the assessment output offer a customized bundle of trainings to enhance each identified area.


  • Empowers professionals with data management technologies and data science concepts.
  • Added advantage for an improved and competitive career.
  • Better decision making with quantifiable evidence.
  • Connect with instructors and learners to share ideas, master concepts, and gain access to real-world best practices.


  • Data Engineering Foundation

    02 Days Duration
    • Building a Data-Driven Organization
    • Data Extraction, Preparation & Governance
    • Data Storage & Modeling
    • Business Intelligence using DataStudio
  • Modern Data Platforms (Azure)

    01 Day Duration
    • Iaas vs Paas vs SaaS
    • Load Data into Azure Synapse Analytics using Azure Data Factory Pipelines
    • Transform Big Data using Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows
    •  Explore Big Data using Azure Databricks
  • AI and Real-time Analytics (Cloud Based)

    04 Hour Duration
    • Add AI to your Big Data Pipeline with Cognitive Services
    • Ingest and Analyze real-time data with Event Hubs and Stream Analytics
  • Training on Data Models on Power BI & Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

    01 Day Duration
    • Best practices & recommendation for Power BI data models
    • Introduction to DAX
    • Date & Time Functions
  • Data Analytics with Python

    40 Hour Duration
    • Basics of structural programming in Python
    • Data Handling using NumPy and Pandas
    • Machine Learning using Scikit-Learn
    • Data Analytics: Preprocessing, Cleaning, Integration, Reduction
    • Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Association Learning, Numerical Prediction
    • Big Data Analytics
  • Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals

    02 Days Duration
    • Understanding the Big Picture
    • Environment for Experiments
    • Just enough Python
    • Acquiring & Exporting Data
    • Basic Statistics
    • Pandas Basics
    • Data Visualization
    • Data Preparation for Machine Learning
    • Feature Engineering
    • Data Pipeline
  • Introduction to Machine Learning

    60 Hour Duration
    • Introduction, History, and Applications
    • Setting up a Computing Environment for hands-on exercises and projects
    • Knowledge Foundations (Computing, Statistics, and Mathematics)
    • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Feature Engineering
    • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Thinking like a Data Storyteller

    02 Days Duration
    • Realm of Data
    • Understanding your Data
    • Introducing Big Data
    • Data Pre-Processing
    • Storytelling with Data
    • Designing Effective Visualization


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