Data As A Service

In today’s day and age, where technology is a key component for organisations with in-house tech support, an existing data platform and analytic tools, Dialog Enterprise is happy to offer its customers an Application Programming Interface (API) with a combination of crowd analytics, data as a service and business insights.

With this solution, the aggregated data used for data insights will guarantee data privacy and compliance with global data protection laws.


  • Segmentation of customers based on profile and lifestyle behaviour
  • Crowd analytics
  • Market share views based on browsing traffic data
  • API to integrate mobility data into an existing application.


  • Near real-time data
  • Coverage across all provinces in the country
  • Customized data enabling seamless integration into existing business processes
  • Uncover new business opportunities

Additional Info

Experienced data scientists perform analyses of mobility patterns, combined with demographics of footfall traffic data to deliver custom insights. With fast data turnaround, enterprises can quickly benefit from new ways to approach their business needs and realize new, tangible business opportunities.

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