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In the day and age of digitalization, your data is of utmost value. Business-critical data in transit and at rest are susceptible to cyber-attacks. With most companies being forced to introduce work-from-home (WFH) environments due to the global pandemic, secure communication is a challenge that requires immediate attention.

Dialog together with GlobeXData is bringing you a suite of applications that will put your mind at ease when sharing and storing sensitive files and business-critical information.


Sekur Mail – A secure mail client

Sekur Messanger – A secure chat application

SekurSafe – A secure file sharing and storing service

The applications are secured with military-grade encryption and adhere to the world’s strictest privacy laws in the world ensuring that your information goes to the right hands and nowhere else.

Additional Info

Sekur Mail

Product Features

More than 90% of targeted attacks start with an email. If you are using a free email service, there is no guarantee that your messages are protected. Sometimes messages travel through several servers in readable format and anyone could tap into your feed and read sensitive information.

Sekur Mail will ensure that your communication stays private by encrypting communications without the requirement of any additional equipment. With SekurSend and SekurReply, you can share files and confidential information within or outside your network.

Sekur Mail comes with the following features,

  • SekurSend anti-phishing technology with full privacy
  • Share files encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Monitor employees’ email for fraud detection and information leak prevention. Prevent accidentally deleting mail with real time archiving.
  • Monitor your email views in real time.
  • Password protect your email, decide on the expiration time of your emails and put a read limit with SekurSend.
  • Send sensitive information with privacy by design
  • Encrypt your calendar and share it confidentially.
  • Protect your email with proprietary tech, military grade encryption and Swiss privacy laws.

Product Benefits

  • Ensure the right people on your personal device have access to company information.
  • Manage your DLP and real-time archiving for long term retention
  • Use SekurSend for ultimate privacy and unlimited file size emails and share.
  • One or multiple department administrators can assign permissions for access according to the designations on each user’s profile
  • Pay-per-key user in your organization with unlimited scalability

Sekur Messanger

Product Features

In business environments, using chat clients to share sensitive information has been commonplace in the recent past. While this is not regarded as safe practice, what makes it worse is the fact that third party free chat applications may change their policies overnight and will not guarantee that your information will stay within the intended parties.

Sekur Messanger ensures the transmission of sensitive information either from a mobile device or via web will remain within your private circle. It enables you to send private chat messages and voice recordings to other SekurMessanger users and your messages will not be stored in any server. All messages in transit are routed through secure servers and SekurShare will enable you to share files securely right from your mobile device or the web with no trace.

  • 1 on 1 and group encrypted chats
  • Create private circles, add contacts using private ID – No phone numbers or contacts needed
  • Delete messages from all devices (sender and recipient)
  • Decide the expiration time for your chat messages and file transfers
  • Send encrypted confidential files
  • Private and untraceable text messaging and file transfer with self-destruct timer.

Product Benefits

  • Scale your communications with unlimited participant group chats.
  • Privacy by design without storing any message metadata
  • One account for multiple devices. All messages synchronized on web and mobile devices.
  • Use the web version even when your phone is turned off
  • Security for every message, every time with server encryption and routing. No open source or open PGP code.


Product Features

SekurSafe is an end-to-end encrypted online storage under proprietary technology with privacy by design. It supports Secure file share which allows you to securely share files within and outside your company. SekurSafe comes equipped with its own Password Manager which secure stores all your passwords.

  • Encrypt your files with unlimited notes
  • Share files in or outside your circle with a pin and time limit.
  • Organize files per type through an easy label search.
  • Use your SekurSafe as a secure internal communications tool
  • Send encrypted emails from @sekursafe or a business domain for confidential communications
  • Generate, manage and store secure passwords
  • Use only the storage you need
  • Store any size documents. There is no restriction for instantly sharing with co-workers.

Product Benefits

  • Ensure that the right people on your personal device have secure access to company information
  • Manage your company passwords securely and certifiably.
  • Have more knowledge and control over what happens to sensitive company documents
  • Enables free access to information to key company personnel when and anywhere they need.


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