Dialog CleanPipe

Secure your network with Dialog CleanPipe, powered by Netscout’s Arbor. Crafted for Dialog ILL, this shield ensures uninterrupted operations by seamlessly integrating advanced traffic analysis, threat detection, and real-time mitigation. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and elite threat intelligence, we guarantee swift responses to DDoS attacks. Elevate confidence and ensure uninterrupted continuity with Dialog’s fortified DDoS Protection Solution. 


  • Unmatched threat intelligence and rapid response. 
  • Customized protection with tailored packages for specific needs and budgets. 
  • Vast scrubbing network for efficient traffic cleaning. 
  • Stays ahead with continuous research and 24/7 support. 
  • Robust SLAs for network uptime during attacks. 
  • Team of experts ensuring cost-effective security. 


  • Monitors and analyzes incoming traffic for malicious activity. 
  • Identifies deviations from normal patterns signaling an attack. 
  • Attack MitigationInitiates strategies to filter out malicious traffic in real-time. 
  • Real-time Updates – Instant alerts for informed decision-making during attacks. 
  • Automated ResponseMinimizes impact with automatic mitigation measures. 
  •  Adapts to network needs, effective against all attack scales. 

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Embrace innovation with Dialog CleanPipe – where Dialog CleanPipe technology meets advanced DDoS protection, ensuring a fortified and secure digital future of your organization.

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Dialog CleanPipe

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