Connect your multi-locational operations and engage all your employees from a single platform with Bizpack, a self-managed communication platform powered by Dialog Enterprise. This simple but powerful voice solution offers you the basic PABX intercommunication features through a single phone unit at your location, a faster deployment compared to in-house PABX solutions. The affordable packages can be tailored to your exact requirements, making Bizpack an ideal solution for SMEs.


  • Short code dial & display
  • Calling authority (on-net / off-net / IDD)
  • Emergency numbers & speed dial
  • Caller line identity presentation
  • Call forwarding & waiting
  • Call transfer, hunting & hold
  • Multi-party conference
  • One number service


  •  Low-cost communication platform with highly affordable packages
  • Faster deployment
  • Basic PABX functionality only using a simple phone
  • Self – managed communication platform
  • Hassle-free relocation
  • Flexibility in expansion
  • Easy to relocate

How to Get Bizpack

Our Enterprise Account Managers are always available and can be reached anytime to fulfill the needs of our clientele.

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Additional Info

  • Rental bundles with a free resource applicable at a group level.
  • Ability to activate VAS – Data
  • Wider coverage


  • Why does my business need Dialog Bizpack?

    If you have team members working across multiple locations, it is essential to make communication seamless and efficient as possible to increase your productivity. Dialog Bizpack ensures reliable connectivity and communication at affordable rates even for SMEs.

  • What are the key benefits of Dialog Bizpack?
    • Seamlessly integrated communications
    • Low investment with affordable packages
    • Includes basic features including fixed voice, extension dialling and hotlines
    • Scalability when expansion is needed
  • What are the types of businesses that should consider Dialog Bizpack?

    SME organizations that have enabled WFH and telecommuting with team members distributed across different locations and businesses looking for minimal upfront investment.

  • How will Dialog Bizpack lower my costs?

    Your costs will be determined based on the number of users and the features you opt for. Thus, reducing the need for a high initial investment while giving you the flexibility to scale up when required.

  • How much will Dialog Bizpack cost?

    Contact a Dialog Enterprise representative to discuss your specific requirements and our expert team will design a customized solution and costing for you.

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