Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solutions allows postpaid corporate customers to top up their account as same as the prepaid customer would by simply maintaining a separate prepaid wallet and various services without adding it to the corporate bill. This hassle-free solution is FREE and applicable for any corporate customer.


  • Activation of social media packages via reload
  • Activation of separate work and study from home packages via reload
  • Voice, Data, SMS, Roaming, and IDD charged through the prepaid wallet


  • Pre-paid reload offers for your corporate post-paid connection
  • PAYGO services through own funds.
  • Quick reloads with debit/credit card
  • Purchase and pay individually

Additional Info

Once a customer activates the hybrid service under their mobile number via the MyDialog App, a separate pre-paid wallet will be created for your account. Then, the postpaid connection will be authorised to accept reloads or recharges from any of the usual methods including via a merchant, a web top-up or a scratch card. At the activation point, the services on which the prepaid money will be spent must be mentioned.

How to activate Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solution
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