Dialog Enterprise’s Smart Fleet paves the way for efficient demining in North & East of Sri Lanka

Dialog Enterprise, the corporate ICT solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, has tied up with Mines Advisory Group Sri Lanka (MAG) to equip purpose-built vehicles with its innovative Smart Fleet real-time GPS driven vehicle tracking system. This marks an unprecedented leap forward in terms of assisting the ongoing demining operations in the northern & eastern provinces covering, Vavuniya, Mannar, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Batticaloa and Trincomalee.

MAG has been working in Sri Lanka since 2002, locating and removing landmines, unexploded ordnance and other remnants of war systematically. With the support of international donors and the Sri Lankan army, MAG has released over 52.5 square kilometres of land, cleared over 63,714 mines and removed over 28,187 unexploded ordnances.

In order to carry out this large-scale operation consisting of over 900 staff, MAG relies on a fleet of heavy vehicles which include excavators, lorries, double cabs and bowsers to ensure an effective and smooth operation. Approximately 95% of MAG vehicles have been fitted with the Smart Fleet solution which provides precise data on vehicle movement, location, unauthorised usage, security and fuel consumption.

Several demining sites are located in remote areas with less telecommunication facilities, therefore the availability of a GPS tracking system utilising smart fleet technology allows the detection of vehicle and team members at any given time to ensure their safety and security.

Voicing his thoughts on the Smart Fleet solution, Kevin Klerx – Head of Support Services of MAG Sri Lanka says, “Thanks to this innovative solution provided by Dialog Enterprise, we are able to track all of our vehicles in the field with the GPS tracking system. Besides that, we also have fuel sensors installed in most of our vehicles. We require approximately 40,000 litres of diesel per month to carry out our operational tasks, hence it is vital for us to understand the fuel consumption, in order to make comparisons with previous data to derive analytical calculations of the fuel consumption and cost. With the ongoing fuel crisis in the country, this technology enables us to establish a proper infrastructure and effectively manage our fleet.

Dialog Smart Fleet uses real-time satellite connectivity to track routes, speed and other vehicle diagnostics. This fleet management solution transmits information on vehicle location and driver analytics while monitoring maintenance issues. It alerts fleet operators on accidents, breakdowns and thefts, helping to reduce rash vehicle usage and abuse.

Speaking on the versatility of the solution, Navin Pieris, Group Chief Officer – Dialog Enterprise, Dialog Axiata PLC says, “In the case of MAG, we see our system being deployed for use in a large-scale humanitarian operation. Similarly, this technology is applicable for even small and medium scale businesses. Our fuel sensors will ensure that fleet operators have an accurate understanding of fuel levels and consumption rates. Additional options such as temperature sensors would be ideal for those who transport fresh produce. The ability to mount up to eight cameras per vehicle is an advantage for those who transport precious cargo. This really is a highly adaptive solution for anyone who needs to manage their vehicles.”

Apart from fuel sensors, Dialog Enterprise’s range of IoT tracking solutions include generator monitoring systems to optimize the performance and fuel consumption of generators , workforce solutions to manage all major functions of staff administration, cold room temperature monitoring solutions to preserve the quality of stored products and maintain consumer product safety standards, ATM monitoring systems that provide complete visibility and real-time insights on an entire ATM network, server room monitoring solutions to reduce downtime and provide greater control over operations and several other IoT device management solutions that have been tailor-made to help businesses improve efficiency by providing greater visibility on the performance of their devices.

Dialog Enterprise is ready to work with any business entity who sees the potential benefits of using such a system. Lowering operational costs while increasing productivity and maximizing the utilisation of the fleet management system is the company’s primary goal. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to a Dialog Enterprise Expert on 077 333 0788 if they have a requirement for such an innovative and promising system.

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