Dialog Enterprise uses IoT Solutions to assist Sri Lankan Airlines in maintaining Quality Standards

Dialog Enterprise, the corporate ICT solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, recently entered into a partnership agreement with SriLankan Airlines Cargo to provide cold room monitoring solutions (CRMS) in the cold storage facilities in airport premises at Katunayake and Mattala. Marked as one of the key projects trailblazed by Dialog Enterprise in the domain of Internet of Things technology in Sri Lanka, this installation will result in increased process efficiencies and significant cost savings over time.

A state-of-the-art IoT solution, this automated temperature-monitoring system is a vast improvement on the manually operated approach it replaces, and it significantly reduces the spoilage and damage incurred with legacy cold chain supply operations. The technology continuously tracks and records temperatures 24/7, and sends alerts on temperature fluctuations via multiple channels, including SMS, email and web.

“The airline industry is fiercely competitive, and carriers operate on razor-thin margins, therefore when it comes to cold storage, the difference of one degree can mean the difference between obtaining a profit or loss,” said Chaminda Perera, General Manager Cargo for SriLankan Airlines Limited.

“This is especially true for perishables such as food, fresh produce and medicines. As the sole ground handler for all operating airlines into Sri Lanka that carries significant amounts of perishable cargo including medicine and organic produce, there is a substantial risk of spoilage occurring if the temperature of the storage unit fluctuates for even a few degrees. With rising costs of energy, keeping the temperature at an optimum level will have a favorable impact towards the bottom line of not only the airline operations but also the other key stakeholders in the entire supply chain process for perishable items. This system will ensure that the right temperature is consistently maintained over time,” Udeni Perera,  Senior Manager – Worldwide Cargo Operations for SriLankan Airlines Limited further added.

Navin Pieris, Group Chief Officer – Dialog Enterprise, Dialog Axiata PLC was upbeat: “The ideal temperature for preserving fresh vegetables is not the same as the one for refrigerating milk. There are cost savings to be gained in those different degrees of coldness, and with IoT technology you benefit from that. And that’s just one example of the way the Internet of Things will streamline the future operations of SriLankan Airlines. We are proud to assist our national carrier as it embarks on the path of cutting-edge innovation. Meanwhile, we have a number of other IoT solutions that offer cost-saving opportunities for major players in any industry to become more efficient and profitable. Dialog Enterprise has IoT Solutions to match the needs of all Sri Lankan businesses, thanks to our customisable, cloud-hosted IoT platform.”

SriLankan Airlines engineering staff can fine-tune the CRMS as desired, setting up the ideal storage conditions based on the storage items. Additionally, the system stores and provides access to historical data to aid airline management in further analysis, planning and decision-making. SriLankan airlines, in collaboration with Dialog Enterprise CTMS has taken a step towards upholding quality and industry standards when it comes to serving passengers all over the world.

To find out more or to sign up for this solution, contact a Dialog Tech Expert on 077 333 0788

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