Dialog Enterprise in Partnership with Irisity’s AI-Powered Video Analytics to Takes Video Surveillance Beyond Human Intelligence

Dialog Enterprise, the corporate ICT solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, in a unique partnership with Irisity, the global leader in artificial intelligence video analytics, revolutionize video surveillance industry  by bringing the world’s most advanced video analytics technology to your doorstep.

Irisity’s cutting-edge SaaS platform, IRIS+ goes beyond human capabilities by filtering surveillance footage in real-time to detect suspicious behaviour and provide investigation and root cause analysis through captured real-time data. The software intelligently identifies unwarranted movements such as intrusion detection, violence, trip & fall incidents, loitering, smoke & fire, and more, ensuring comprehensive and vigilant surveillance 24×7.

“Our software implementation is specifically tailored to cater to the evolving needs of video surveillance, including the application of analytics for enhanced functionality. Whether you opt for our cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise software solutions, our deployment is designed to effectively address current and future demands.”, stated Navin Peiris, Group Chief Officer of Dialog Enterprise, Dialog Axiata PLC.

Continuing, he elaborated, “By leveraging a scalable architecture, our system seamlessly supports a multitude of cameras deployed across different locations, enabling you to harness the power of video surveillance analytics. Furthermore, our solution offers an appealing total cost of ownership (TCO), providing excellent value for your enterprise.”

Irisity’s video intelligence solutions are built on advanced artificial intelligence concepts, complemented by smart anonymization techniques that ensure privacy and data protection. These solutions are renowned for delivering the highest levels of accuracy even in the most challenging environments. Irisity offers technology supports installations to all sizes and can be deployed to vast numbers of cameras, providing high availability and full redundancy to limit service downtime or data loss.

“Specializing in feature-rich video analytics, our platform represents the future of Smart Video Surveillance powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address the evolving security needs of enterprises,” declared Zvika Ashani, CTO of Irisity. “With over 15 years of continuous machine learning and advanced computer vision development, IRIS+ delivers uniquely precise and reliable video analytics,” he added.

The system, available on a single platform, is capable of monitoring large areas with just a few cameras and can detect object movement down to only a few pixels. The entire solution is modular with powerful integration capabilities, enabling Dialog Enterprise to lead the way with Irisity’s proven track record of delivering the highest accuracy.

AI-powered video analytics is revolutionizing security and business intelligence by enabling the detection and identification of threats, crime prevention, and enhanced situational awareness. IRIS+ is currently deployed in diverse global projects across both public and private sectors. It enhances safety, security, and efficiency in various settings, including smart cities, where it monitors traffic, detects crime, and improves public safety.

In addition, IRIS+ is utilized in critical infrastructure monitoring such as distributed manufacturing facilities, power plants, and water treatment facilities. It also plays a crucial role in rail and transportation by monitoring train stations, airports, and other transportation hubs. Furthermore, IRIS+ finds application in education for monitoring schools and universities to ensure safety and security, as well as in healthcare to monitor hospitals and other healthcare facilities for patient safety.

By ensuring quick set-up and easy implementation, Dialog Enterprise aims to equip the its local enterprises with this latest technology, in line with its vision to empower domestic entrepreneurship of delivering the best of digitalization for embracing the future, today.

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