Dialog Enterprise Extends Smart Fleet Management Solution to Perera & Sons

Keeping abreast with the very latest digitisation developments in supply chain management, Dialog Enterprise, the corporate solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, extended Smart Fleet, a practical solution for fleet management to Perera and Sons (P&S).

Dialog’s Smart Fleet solution enables the monitoring of key environmental conditions and also vehicle telematics ensuring the safety of goods, the fleet and the staff. Equipped with temperature sensors, real-time data is made available for monitoring and decision-making. The solution is a Global Positioning System (GPS) driven, cost-effective IoT solution providing end-to-end visibility to the entire transportation process by gathering diagnostics and operating information from commercial vehicles.

Smart Fleet facilitates scheduling and monitoring of the entire order delivery process, with the possibility of assigning upcoming jobs/orders based on real-time vehicle availability. Its geofencing feature ensures that the fleet remains within specified boundaries, with alerts enabled for notification if and when vehicles move out of allotted boundaries and reach high-risk or locked down areas during the pandemic, while real-time system alerts are triggered in the event of an emergency or if the vehicle deviates from its assigned task.

“We are happy to support Perera & Sons to further augment their operations with the very latest in technology to ensure safety and reliability. This marks the first step in creating a smarter operational eco-system at P&S using our analytics-led suite of Smart solutions. Dialog Smart Fleet enables them to manage, monitor and improve the efficiency of their commercial fleets while collecting and analysing data to optimise resources in pursuit of increased productivity”, said Supun Weerasinghe, Group Chief Executive of Dialog Axiata PLC.

“We maintain a relentless focus on keeping our supply chain as efficient as possible. The pandemic brought about a paradigm shift which we are also adapting to. Our vision has always been to adapt to changing times and so we hope that we will make the best of this strategic partnership with Dialog Enterprise in successfully managing our fleet and protecting our goods and thereby providing our customers with the best of service. We foresee this Smart Fleet solution contributing significantly in helping us move forward efficiently with our vision”, said P&S’s Managing Director Gihan Perera, a fourth-generation member of the family-owned enterprise.

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