Dialog Enterprise Cloud Certified as the First Sovereign Cloud Platform in South Asia by VMWare

Continuing the lead first established 2 years ago as the first VMWare Verified Cloud provider in Sri Lanka, Dialog Enterprise Cloud now emerges with its newest status as a sovereign cloud certified cloud capability, which is the highest tier of VMWare cloud partners. With this status, Dialog Enterprise Cloud has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first sovereign cloud provider in the South Asian Region, and is one of 38 of such providers from over 4,500 global VMware cloud service providers.

A sovereign cloud differs from hyper scale cloud providers in that it ensures that data is subject to jurisdictional laws, controls and authority of the region where data is collected and stored. Cloud sovereignty requires the provider to regularly monitor their cloud and data storage service and prove compliance with local data privacy and security laws. As such, the globally recognized VMWare Sovereign Cloud Badge signifies a milestone achievement for the VMWare-powered Dialog Enterprise sovereign cloud platform that distinctly ensures data sovereignty and jurisdictional control, data access and integrity, data security and compliance and data independence and mobility of our customers.

“We are primed for delivering a national capability for the digital economy that we envision in the country. Our sovereign status affirms the ability for securing data with audited security controls, ensuring compliance with data privacy laws here in Sri Lanka, thereby improving control of data by providing both data residency and data sovereignty with full jurisdictional control”, stated Navin Pieris, Group Chief Officer-Dialog Enterprise, Dialog Axiata PLC explaining the Dialog Enterprises’ vantage grip on the subject.

The recognition serves to further assure our esteemed clientele that their sensitive information is being handled in a secure and compliant manner in accordance with local laws and regulations. This is particularly important for organizations that operate in highly regulated industries, such as finance and healthcare, or for those where stakes are high with data privacy. With this certification, customers can be confident that their data is stored within Sri Lanka and is subject to the country’s legal jurisdiction, providing an extra layer of security and privacy.

Dialog Enterprise’s sovereign cloud serves to protect and unlock the value of critical data (e.g., national data, corporate data, and personal data) for both private and public sector organizations. The locally hosted cloud platform offers a range of services including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). With features like automatic backup, disaster recovery, and 24/7 support, the service enables customers to primarily focus on their core business operations leaving their cloud infrastructure in able hands.

As organizations across industries look to digital transformation to drive growth, it’s increasingly important to ensure that sensitive data is stored and processed in a secure and compliant environment. The sovereign cloud solution that Dialog Enterprise offers brings along the much needed peace of mind for our customers in the solace that their data is securely stored in a physically and logically isolated environment, managed by a team of experts.

For more details and inquires on Dialog Enterprise Cloud please contact 0777 887 887 or visit www.business.dialog.lk

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